General Information

Posted on December 16, 2015 Under Contenido


JIMENEZ, MOLINO Y MORENO is a Panamanian Law Firm founded in 1933 by lawyers Ignacio Molino De Diego, Edmundo Molino De Diego, Dr. Roberto Jimenez, Pedro Moreno, and José Antonio Molino De Diego.

This office renders different services especially in getting trade mark and patent registrations in Panama, in which it has an extensive experience.

The founders characterized themselves by their responsibility, seriousness, and gentleness with all their clients.

Nowadays we, their successors – Dr. Edgardo Molino, Sr., Edgardo Molino, Jr., and Edwin Molino, have continued the same policy. Moreover, we have realized some changes, particularly in our trademark and patent department through the automation of our communication and filing system.